Ms. Vandana Tilak

Ms. Vandana Tilak

Pro Bono CEO, Akshaya Patra USA / Almex, USA (SFO)

Vandana is the founder of Bombay Pictures, the Oshan Center and Almex USA, Inc. a family owned engineering firm specializing in aerospace aluminum cast house technology.

Vandana was appointed to the Akshaya Patra USA Board in 2015. As a pro bono CEO for an exemplary organization since January 2018, she oversees a lean staff of 12 and 600 volunteers in 24 chapters in cities across the US planning and implementing brand strategy, fund-raising and fostering donor relationships.

Akshaya Patra is a global charity organization raising funds to support the mid day meal program in India. The organization operates 43 centralized mega kitchens and cooks and transports meals to government school children in 12 States in India. With sustainable scaling models starting with 1,500 meals in 2000, the organization currently feeds 1.76 million meals in 14,250 schools every day. Often being the only meal the child receives in the day, it plays a crucial role in the intervention to support classroom hunger and  education at the same time. The organization celebrated serving the 3 billionth meal with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. For more information:

Vandana is a trained ayurvedic practitioner, an avid reader of philosophy and enjoys travel, poetry, music, portraiture and photography. Vandana and her husband Ravi in Manhattan Beach, CA.