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Dr. Lisa Dolev

Founder & CEO, Qylur; Founder, CATS2 Foundation

Dr. Lisa Dolev is an accomplished entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader with over 35 years in leadership positions creating cutting-edge security and defense technologies with social impact. A visionary innovator, she specializes in inventing and realizing mission-specific technologies through business and philanthropy. She is one of the earliest pioneers in embedding continuous AI in complex machines and environments. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Qylur Intelligent Systems, a Silicon Valley-based technology company specializing in the fourth wave of AI-based autonomous intelligent machines, which she founded based on her inventions in this space. Dr. Dolev is also the founder of the CATS2 Foundation, whose first focus will be tackling the topic of school shootings in the U.S.

During her career, Dr. Dolev spent over two decades in the defense space, where she managed multi-disciplinary technology programs and acted as a liaison officer between international defense and military agencies. She also founded, managed, and consulted for early-stage technology companies in the biomedical, high-tech, and consumer markets. Her pioneering entrepreneurship has been recognized with awards including the 2002 Woman of the Year in Technology and Business and the 2019 Top 50 CEOs to Watch. Dr. Dolev holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and is the author of a number of professional articles. She is a frequent speaker across technology and security forums and is the inventor of several technology patents, including Qylur’s Q intelligent multi-threat detection technology and SNIM®AI (Social Networks of Intelligent Machines).