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Tyler Coretz

President, AMTRA Capital Partners (SFO); Chairman, The Coretz Family Foundation

Tyler Coretz is President of AMTRA Capital Partners, Inc., a Tulsa based single-family office that operates as a multi-strategy investment manager. He was involved in the creation of the organization in 2018 after the family successfully exited their primary operating business Omni Air International. At AMTRA Capital Partners he is responsible for day-to-day operations and the long-term strategy of the organization and managed portfolios. Prior to this position, Tyler was on the marketing team at Altavair (formerly Guggenheim Aviation Partners), a commercial aircraft leasing and finance company with offices in Seattle, London and Singapore. Tyler also holds active board positions on a number of family-owned operating businesses including AMTRA Aero which is the family’s new commercial aircraft leasing and parts business.

Outside of his primary role as President of AMTRA Capital Partners, Tyler also acts as a Director and Treasurer of Coretz Family Foundation where he oversees the finances and investments of the organization and is actively involved with Tulsa based entrepreneurial non-profits looking to rebuild the legacy of Black Wall Street in Tulsa. Tyler is also a partner in Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors, a Tulsa based distributor of organic, natural and fine wines and craft spirits in the state of Oklahoma.