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Tania Arrayales Rodriguez

Founder, Green Habitat Investments

Tania Rodriguez is a serial Social Entrepreneur with experience in International projects, currently Founder/President of Green Habitat Co. and in the past Founder of Villa Design Group Inc., Proforma GYM and Evo Formance SA and CV. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations from The University of Texas at Austin – The Red McCombs School of Business, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico City with a Minor in Corporate Finances and Accountant administration.

At the age of 27, Tania opened an Architecture Firm in South Florida responsible of producing more than 50 executive projects and construction documents for new Hi-End Residences, additions and renovation projects between 1,000 sq.ft. and 12,000 sq.ft.

Villa Design Group, Inc. (inactive) served as a solution to developed Architectural Designs in the Miami and West Palm beach area with a big component of Spanish Architecture, Mediterranean Style, Tuscany and Minzer influence as a tribute of Addison Cairns Mizner an American architect with a remarkable style in Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Style in South Florida. Tania is fluent in the Engineering and Architectural language used in USA and Mexico as well as trained in the Building codes for more than 4 counties and 2 states in America also she is a License Architect in Mexico City.

Tania’s team has been creating a variety of AutoCAD, two dimensional designs, 3D renderings, Architectural code Construction documents from Floor Plants, Elevations, Site plans, Roof Distributions, Framing designs, Beam Calculations, Building Sections, Plumbing risers, Wall sections and Construction details to submit to the city for Building permits approval. In addition Tania’s team is responsible for creating Structural and electrical calculations and she has been assisting City inspectors and Engineers thru the phases of construction management, creating “As built” drawings to adapt to current construction changes.

At the age of 29, while managing an Architectural firm with more than 6 Senior Architects in charge of diverse projects, Tania opened a “Trade Company” between Mexico and Taiwan in the automobile industry and in the Wellness Industry she developed a “Boutique GYM” in Mexico City, she was in charge of transforming a 4,000 sq.ft. Warehouse into a VIP exclusive gym experience importing floors from Asia and remanufacture equipment from USA providing a facility with the capacity to host more than 400 members per month.

With the recent creation of Green Architecture, a Clean Energy initiative with a great interest in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Designs. Tania is offering consultations and product innovation for residential and commercial developers, government and individuals in USA and Mexico who need solutions to reduce our Ecological Impact in construction. Some of the LED’s for indoors and outdoor applications; like street light, signs, commercial lighting and other interior design uses for low consumption engineering designs are provided in the 2015-2016 catalog in a development face. (

Tania promotes the Sustainable living and Natural Integration with our Environment thru Green Architecture and Green Technology Adoption.

Tania recently designed the Architectural Model for the “School-out-of-a-Box” project, incorporating Green Technologies and Sacred Geometry, and is currently managing the construction of the first prototype in the Mayan region of Mexico. Tania Collaborates with projects dedicated to empower economic and productivity practices in Indigenous communities around the world, and believes in the expansion of Permaculture and Urban Agriculture as a societal solution for humankind.

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Education Summary

• Bachelor in Architecture, Architecture and Related Services Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education 1994 – 1999

• Social Contribution Indigenous communities Indigenous campus for Elementary studies and Residences, Queretaro, Mexico. INAH Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

• MBA, Business Administration, Management and Operations The University of Texas at Austin – The Red McCombs School of Business 2009 – 2011

• Finance and Accounting, Continuing Education. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education 2005 – 2006 Professional Summary

• Private Residences Mexico (2005-2013) o CENAM New Metric facilities Construction, 2000 sq.ft. Queretaro, Mexico. o Cole Residence Renovation, 2,500 sq.ft. Mexico City. o Rodriguez Residence Addition and Renovation, 2,000 sq.ft. Hidalgo, Mexico. o Proforma Gym Renovation, 4,000 sq.ft. Mexico City.

• Garcia, Brenner and Stromberg (2002-2004) West Palm Beach, Florida. Architect Project Manager

• RWB Linares Architecture (2004-2005) Boca Raton, Florida. Senior Architect Project Manager

• Villa Design Group, Inc. (2005 – 2013) Miami Dade, Florida. Founder/President Architectural Firm.

• Green Habitat Co. (2013-2014) Austin, Texas. CEO/Founder Architectural Firm, Product Innovations and Green Developer.

Some 3,000 sq.ft. thru 12, 000 sq ft. HI-End Residences and Additions in Florida:

• Berrentini Residence.

• Nussbaum Residence.

• Lot 14 Spec Home.

• Prezzemolo Residence.

• Delarei Residence.

• Coventry Residence.

• Broverman Residence.

• Boca Grove Residence.

• Bernstein Residence.