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Tuesday, March 19th, 2024

George W. Bush Presidential Center, Dallas

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The 2022 Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Conference

08:00 – 09:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
 09:00 – 09:10 AM Opening Remarks
Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
  Mr. John Messervey, Private Advisor to America’s Leading Families Conference Moderator
09:10 – 09:20 AM Bulding A City of Innovation
Mr. Trey Bowles, Serial Entrepreneur, Cofounder & President, InnoCity Partners LLC
Overview of The Mayors Plan to Make Dallas a Leading Hub For Innovation And Entrepreneurship as Told by The Co-Chair of Mayor Eric Johnson’s Task Force on Innovation And Entrepreneurship.
 09:20 – 09:50 AM The G1 Wealth Creators Panel
Mr. Jack Mueller, Chair, Tiger 21 – Moderator
Mr. Adil Adi, Founder & CEO, WorldLink
Mr. Ryan Pearson, Executive, RT Specialty
Join This Power Panel Moderated by the Chairman of Tiger 21, Mr. Jack Mueller, Exploring The Journeys of Mr. Adil Adi of WorldLink And Mr. Ryan Pearson of RT Specialty – From History Until Current State.
09:50 – 10:10 AM Family Philanthropy: The Key to Family Success for Generations
Ms. Susan Jenevein, Managing Director, Philanthropy and Family Engagement, Tolleson Wealth Management
Families Who Maintain Influence and Wealth Over Generations All Share Several Characteristics.  In a Review of Families Who Sustained Their Wealth and Family For Over 100 Years, Philanthropy Emerged as a Consistent Practice. We’ll Talk About How The Practice of Family Philanthropy Produces Not Only Good Things For The Community But Also Family Resilience, Cohesiveness, Sustained Wealth And Skills in Rising Generations. We Will Discuss The Trends in Best Practices For Families Who Are Successful at Giving Together, And What We See For Philanthropy in 2022.
10:10 – 10:30 AM Seven Habits of Highly Effective Estate Planning Clients
Mr. Josh O. Ungerman, CPA & Partner, Meadows Collier
Mr. Alan K. Davis, CPA & Partner, Meadows Collier
This Lecture Will Discuss Actions Taken by Clients That Accomplish Important Planning Objectives.
10:30 – 10:40 AM A Family Journey to Fulfil Passion for Medical Solutions that Make a Difference
  Ms. Pazit Azulai, Partner & CFO, Katao Venture Partners
Mr. Sharon Azulai, Managing Partner, Katao Venture Partners
From Entrepreneurship Through a Family Office to a VC, Pazit and Sharon Azulai Describe How Their Passion For Medical Innovations Drove Them to Support Wellbeing And Create a Better World.
10:40 – 11:00 AM Cancer Innovation and Impact Investing (Triple Bottom Line)
Mr. Craig Philips, President, Kineta Inc.
Cancer’s impact is enormous and there will be ~1.8M estimated annual new cases of cancer in the US in 2021.  Over 20M people in the US are living with cancer today and it is estimated that there will be ~600,000 deaths.  There is an urgent medical need for innovative new drug treatments to improve cancer survival rates and Kineta is working on this problem.
11:00 – 11:30 AM Coffee Break
11:30 – 11:50 AM Keynote Speech: Trammell S. Crow’s Hope That Texas Will Be a Global Sustainability Leader Through Business, Investments, Philanthropy, Policy, And Civic Engagement
Mr. Mike Silverman, Co-President & CIO, Crow Holdings – Moderator
Mr. Trammell S. Crow, Founder & Chairman of the Board, EarthX
A Native And Proud Texan, Trammell S. Crow is a Businessman And Environmentalist That Believes Texas Can And Must Lead America in Driving Positive Environmental Impact. Trammell Believes if Texas Becomes Light Green, America Becomes Dark Green. America Can Lead The World in Sustainability & Climate Through Responsible Free Market Principles. Trammell Will Discuss His Passion For The Environment, Catalyzing Impact by Convening People From Around The World Through The International Non-Profit EarthX, And The Need to Tackle These Issues by Leveraging Different Perspectives And Approaches Including Business, Investments, Philanthropy, Policy, And Civic Engagement.
11:50 – 12:00 PM Impact Investment: Meet Bridges Israel
Ms. Sandrine Montsma, Managing Partner, Bridges Israel
Meet The Leading Impact Investment Fund in Israel And Learn About Israeli Technology Companies That Generate Fantastic Financial Returns While Solving The Biggest Challenges of Our Generation: The Planet Crisis And Rising Inequality.
12:00 – 12:10 PM Rethinking Your Approach to Insurance
Mr. Prabal Lakhanpal, Vice President, Spring Group
Mr. Peter Johnson, Chief Property & Casualty Actuary, Spring Group
This Presentation Will Focus on How Family Offices Can Change The Way They Look at Insurance Purchasing and Create Efficiencies For Every Facet of Insurance Buying. This Strategy Not Only Allows Organizations to Come Together But Completely Changes The Dynamic of Insurance Transactions in Favor of The Insureds.
12:10 – 12:30 PM Next Generation Tax Loss Harvesting
Mr. Lars Nielsen, Principal, AQR Investments, LLC
Investors Frequently Use Tax-Loss Harvesting Strategies to Improve The After-Tax Return of Their Overall Portfolio. However, Existing Strategies Have Certain Structural Limitations, Which Can Lead to “Frozen” Portfolios And The Inability to Deliver Tax Benefits Past The First Few Years After Investing. In This Presentation, We Explore How a Long/Short Approach to Tax-Loss Harvesting Can Remove Those Structural Limitations And Help Revive These Frozen Portfolios And Potentially Generate Greater And More Persistent Tax Benefits.
12:30 – 12:40 PM Investing in Direct Private Real Estate
Mr. Brant Brown, President & COO, Westmount Realty Capital LLC
Learn About Real Estate Allocation as Part of Overall Portfolio Construction And The Impact Flow of Funds Chasing Investment Opportunities Has in The Broader Market. Discover The Advantages of Investing in Direct Projects in Commercial Real Estate Alongside a Time-Tested Firm That Has Consistently Created Value Through Multiple Market Cycles. A Glance Into Westmount’s Investment Profile, Process, And Most Proficient Product Types And The Current And Future Opportunities Before, During, And Through The Pandemic, Ultimately Transitioning to a More Normalized World.
 12:40 – 12:50 PM A Score To Settle – Behind The Scenes With Credit Bureau 2.0 And Its Award Winning, ESG-Forward Mission That Rights a $Multi-Trillion Wrong
Mr. Evan Chrapko, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Trust Science
This Lecture Will Cover “Credit Invisibles” or “Hidden Prime” Borrowers Suffer Under-Banking or Outright Financial Exclusion, The $Multi-Billion, Established Credit Scoring Industry Does Not Have Incentives To Address Inclusivity, And The Fact That Trust Science® is Now Disrupting This Industry, And Creating Very Real, Very Human Opportunities For Marginalized People to Join The Modern Economy.
12:50 – 01:40 PM Lunch 
01:40 – 02:00 PM Cryptocurrency Investments: Simple and Accessible 
Mr. Robert Valdes-Rodriguez, Global Head of Sales, Abra
This Presentation Will Introduce Cryptocurrency Investments. It Will Cover The Global Macro Environment That Led to The Rise of Bitcoin And How The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem is Evolving. Family Offices And Institutional Investors Can Now Safely Buy/Sell, Earn Yield And Borrow Against Their Cryptocurrency Holdings.
02:00 – 02:20 PM Understanding the Metaverse
Mr. Scott Cullather, Co-Founder, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP]
What is The Metaverse And Why Does it Matter? Explore The Community Building Opportunities And Endless Possibilities of Virtual Reality.
02:20 – 02:30 PM Digital Assets: Asymmetric Returns in The Age of Autonomy
Mr. James Diorio, CEO, Tradecraft Capital
Mr. Jake Ryan, CIO, Tradecraft Capital; Author, Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy
Digital Assets Are Moving Into The Mainstream But Few Recognize The Impact They Will Have on All Aspects of Our Future. Join Jake Ryan, Author of Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy to Get a Glimpse of This Future And, Importantly, Gather Insight Into The Winning Techniques Used by TRADECRAFT Capital to Profit From This Technological Revolution. 
02:30 – 02:50 PM Making Your Family Business Survive and Thrive – 284 Years of Family Business Experience
Ms. Mitzi Perdue, Next Gen Sheraton Family and Perdue Family Member
The Odds of a Family Business Lasting to The Fourth Generation Are One in 1000. Mitzi Perdue Shares Practical Tips From Her I’ve-Lived-It Experience With Two Family Businesses That Have Each Lasted More Than 100 Years. Come Learn Tips For Having a High-Functioning Family Business so You Too Can Beat The odds!
 02:50 – 03:20 PM Stakeholder Alignment as a Wealth Preservation Strategy
  Ms. Samira Salman, Founder & CEO, Salman Solutions and COO, Heathside Ventures – Moderator
Ms. Christie Houlihan, Board of Directors & Managing Director, Houlihan Parnes Realtors
Ms. Kerri Scott, Chief Operating Officer, Mt. Vernon Investments; The family office for Kenny Troutt
Ms. Dotti Reeder, Managing Director, Client Advisory Team, Tolleson Wealth Management
Aligning family members and family executives is an often overlooked, yet crucial component of wealth preservation. Instilling a mentality of alignment is critical for successfully managing a family office from effective communication, successful investment strategies, wealth preservation with tax minimization, management of control, succession and transition planning, and next-generation rapport building. During this discussion, we’ll explore the topic from multiple perspectives ranging from a G5 family member setting up a board for the first time, to guiding a 3rd generation family group through critical risk management exercises, to running a G1’s family office ensuring alignment among stakeholders.
03:20 – 03:40  PM Fireside Chat: Impact Investing & Empowering the Indigenous Communities Around the World 
Ms. Wendy Diamond, CEO & Founder, LDP Ventures / Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization – Moderator
Ms. Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, Next Gen of the 7-Eleven family; Co-Founder/President of The Memnosyne Institute, and General Partner, UTF Holdings
This Fireside Chat With Ms. Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk Will Discuss Memnosyne Institute And Mary Ann’s Passion For Investing in Impactful Projects, Unlocking Economic Potential, And Demonstrating Investment Opportunities With The Aim of Achieving Prosperity And Improving Quality of Life For Indigenous People. 
03:40 – 03:55 PM Luxury, Hospitality, Technology & ESG: Redefining The Guest Experience
Mr. J. Bradley Hilton, Next Gen, CEO & Founder, Hilton Business Ventures, Hilton Vero Luxury Concepts, Hilton Global Gateway 
 03:55 – 04:15 PM The Communities Foundation of Texas Panel
Ms. Monica Egert Smith, Senior Vice President, Chief Giving and Community Impact Officer, Communities Foundation of Texas – Moderator
Ms. Cindy Brinker Simmons, Next Gen of Tennis Player Maureen Connolly and Entrepreneur Norman Brinker; Founder of Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer; President, Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation
Mr. Andy Scripps, Director of Strategic Relations, Communities Foundation of Texas
  This Conversation With Communities Foundation of Texas Fundholders Will Discuss Why Philanthropy is Important to The Fundholders And Their Families, And Tools They Have Used For Their Charitable Giving. It Will Also Discus Using Complex Assets For Charitable Gifts.
 04:15 – 04:45 PM Akshaya Patra’s Impact During Covid
Ms. Ankita Narula, Vice President Development East, Akshaya Patra Foundation USA – Moderator
Mr. George Brody, Entrepreneur, Tech CEO, Angel Investor, Board Member & Advisor
Mr. Ravi Melgiri, Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Vivido Labs
Dr. Ram Rao, Founders Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas
Mr. Navin Goel, CEO, Akshaya Patra USA
Akshaya Patra is The World’s Largest Mid-Day Meal Program Serving Nutritious School Lunches to Over 1.8 million Children Daily. Served 3.3 Billion Meals And Counting. During Covid, Akshaya Patra Has Served More Than 200 Million Covid Meals to The Migrant Workers, Frontline Workers, And Other Covid Beneficiaries. 
  04:45 – 05:45 PM Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC